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2019 Christmas Parade

Thanks so much to all who helped make the food drive at the West Bend Christmas Parade such a success!
We collected more than two large barrels of food to share with those in need.
And thanks to Albiero Plumbing for allowing us to build our float in your shop!!
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Xmas Food Drive

The West Bend Sunrise Rotary is doing a Food Drive at the West Bend Christmas Parade!
The parade starts at 5 PM on Sunday, December 1st. The Sunrise Rotarians will be marching in the West Bend Christmas Parade collecting non-perishable food items for the Full Shelf Food Pantry. Please bring food items to share so that we can Fill the Holiday Table for many in our county who could use a helping hand..
Here is a link with additional information on the West Bend Christmas Parade www.westbendparade.org
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West Bend Sunrise Rotary donated $5,000 to the Family Center of Washington Coounty as part of their annual $15k giveaway event.  Pictured are Rotarians Chris Guse, event chairman, Bonnie Debroux, executive director of the Family Center, and current West Bend Sunrise Rotary president Todd Vance. 
This year Sunrise Rotarians were given the opportunity to nominate a 501(c)(3) organization to receive the donation as part of a random drawing and the Family Center of Washington County was the recipient.   
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2019 Changing of the Guard

Congrats to Todd Vance for taking over as our 2019 West Bend Sunrise Rotary President!
And THANK YOU Candy Sarauer for serving as our President in 2018.
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Paul Harris Awards

The highest award an individual Rotarian can receive is the Service Above Self Award which is known as the Paul Harris Award. Here is Nancy Slinde accepting her THIRD Paul Harris Award from Candy Sarauer! Congrats Nancy!!
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WB Sunrise Rotary Past Presidents

West Bend Sunrise Rotary Club Past-Presidents
1.   Allen Schaetz          1990~1991
2.   Wendy Heather        1991~1992
3.   Dick Hron                 1992~1993
4.   Harry Kirchoff          1993~1994
5.   Dave Heying             1994~1995
6.   Steve Domres           1995~1996
7.   Carl Steerman          1996~1997
8.   Bob Gannon              1997~1998
9.   Kirk Emerich             1998~1999
10. Sandy Luft                 1999~2000
11. Doug Fitzgerald         2000~2001
12.  Mike Chevalier          2001~2002
13.  Patricia Fabian          2002~2003
14.  Mary Beth Seiser      2003~2004
15.  Scott Tennies           2004~2005
 16.  Paul Wilke                2005~2006
17.  Barb Schumacher     2006~2007
18.  Bev Sturgeon            2007~2008
19.    Bob Patten              2008~2009
20.    Jeff lambie              2009~2010
21.    Mike Nowack           2010~ 2011
22.    Chris Guse               2011~ 2012
23.    Pat Seitz                  2012~2013
24.    Mike Phillips            2013~2014
25.    Lori Yahr                  2014~2015
26.    Bonnie Debroux       2015~2016
27.    Adam Hertel            2016~2017
28.    Joe Zaremba           2017~2018
29.    Candy Sarauer         2018~2019
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Thanks to everyone who helped out with Adopt a Highway this past weekend. Thanks to our efforts the stretch of Highway 45 from Paradise Drive to W. Washington Street is now the cleanest stretch of highway in the Midwest!
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Our Sunrise Club joined efforts with the West Bend Noon Rotary Club to serve up some liquid dance fluid at at Music on Main.
Here is proof:
(Amanda Follett and Josh Schoemann)
(Candy Sarauer, Joel Herriges & Bonnie DeBroux)
(Bryce Gannon)
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Changing of the Guard 2018

The passing of the Gavel from 2017-2018 President Joe Zaremba to our new President - Candy Sarauer.
Thanks for a great year Joe and we look forward to Candy steering the ship this year!
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Enchantment Set Up

Thanks to all of our members who helped with the set up for Enchantment In The Park this year!
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Leadership Team and Committees

2019/2020 West Bend Sunrise Rotary Board (*club officers)Lead
President*Todd Vance
President Elect*Jon Sacks
President Elect Nominee*Dolf De Ceuster
Past President*Candy Sarauer
Secretary*Clarissa Martinelli
Treasurer*Lori Yahr
Sergeant at Arms*Graeme Reid
InternationalNancy Slinde
Rotary FoundationJoe Zaremba
Vocational ServiceJon Corbett
Community ServiceJohn Knoll
Public RelationsKory Dogs
Public RelationsJoyce Malloy
2019/2020 Committee Chairs 
Enchanted RaffleJacii Gambucci
Gingerbread HouseCandy Sarauer
15K GiveawayChris Guse
Club FoundationPaul Wilke
Funds DistributionGeorge Verheyan
Classic CarRick Vanderkin
SocialJacii Gambucci
Membership (new)Candy Sarauer
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Adopt A Highway












Sept. 10, 2017 – West Bend, WI – The stretch of Highway 45 from Paradise Drive to W. Washington Street has never looked better thanks to the volunteer spirit of the West Bend Sunrise Rotary

The local civic organization has signed up with WIDOT’s Adopt a Highway Program and bright and early on Saturday a handful of volunteers were busy digging through the high grass and collecting trash from the side of the road.

Some of the treasures included a vodka bottle (empty), a credit card, some Green Bay Packer paraphernalia, a shredded Bible and an array of Busch Light beer cans. The West Bend Sunrise Rotary decided this was a worthy cause for a number of reasons including:

  • Reduce litter along Wisconsin’s highways
  • Build statewide support for the anti-litter and highway beautification programs
  • Educate the traveling public to properly dispose of litter
  • Enhance the environment and beautify Wisconsin’s roadsides
  • We love West Bend and Washington County

If you see some of the Rotarians be sure to tell them “thanks” for the hard work and helping make West Bend a great community.       

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Paul Harris Recipients

The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of US $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.  It was established in 1957 to show appreciation for and encourage substantial contributions to what was then the Foundation’s only program, Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships. 

More history can be found here: https://www.rotary.org/en/history-paul-harris-fellow-recognition 

Congrats to our West Bend Sunrise Rotary 2018 recipients!  
Mike Fleischman - 1st PHF
Gary Britton and Jeff Potts - 2nd PHF
Chris Guse, Doug Fitzgerald, Graeme Reid, Jeff Szukalski - 3rd PHF
Lori Yahr - 4th PHF
Here are our West Bend Sunrise Rotary 2017 recipients:  

They include (pictured left to right) Scott Tennies, Phyllis Schaeffer, John Wagner, Mary Thorn, Beverly Sturgeon, presenter Mary Beth Sieser, George Verheyen and Steve Domres!  Also recipients though not present are Mary Gumm, Michael Nowack and Wendy Heather!  Congratulations team!

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New Members

West Bend Sunrise Rotary welcomes our newest members...Eager to get involved and make a difference in the community and world. 
Travis Roell, Albiero Plumbing, Sponsor John Backhaus, and President Joe Zaremba
Jonathan Sacks, West Bend Attorney, Sponsor: Mary Beth Seiser and President Joe Zaremba


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The Slinde's El Salvador Journal

Here is a link to our latest journal from our January 2018 including our recent school exploration. Please visit: http://oslcslinde09.blogspot.com/ 
Here is a photo of the Slinde's handing out books from their most recent trip to El Salvador.
And here is a photo of the Slinde's being honored for all that they've done and continue to do for the good folks of El Salvador.
For the latest update on the work the Slinde's and friends are doing in El Salvador please check out their most recent blog at
Here is a link to David and Nancy Slinde's El Salvador Journal. They are doing amazing things! Please take a few minutes to read and learn about how they are impacting the people of El Salvador.
The blog has been set up by Our Savior's Lutheran Church, West Bend, WI, to host postings of email updates from David and Nancy Slinde who are volunteering in El Salvador on behalf of Our Savior's, The Greater Milwaukee Synod of the ELCA, and Rotary International (among others).

Here is information and links to previous journals from the Slinde's El Salvador experiences:
We have been home for a week and have written a journal to celebrate a first graduation for a 9th grade class. It can be found here http://oslcslinde09.blogspot.com/2016/11/our-trip-to-el-salvador-was-in-planning.html  and look for the pictures that follow.
Here is a link to David & Nancy Slinde's blog from their most recent trip to El Salvador. It contains information and pictures.
Here is a link to their visit to a womens empowerment project:
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Nancy Slinde - Rotary International Project In El Salvador

 We are here - and more
Greetings all - we want to let you know that we are here safe and sound and with much peace.
Travel was very good - we arrived at noon - had our first meeting for our school project at 1:30.
Settled in - walked to the grocery store for water and supplies (i.e. beer, snacks . . .)
Then to the corner restaurant for delicious pupusas!  To bed - it was a very long day that began at 3:00 am.
This morning we attended our partner Rotary Club meeting - a joyful and fun event - with a meeting following to discuss future project opportunities. We continue to have a strong friendship - it was a good reunion.
Our plans for this week continue to be confirmed and that is also answered prayer.
We greatly appreciate your prayers and encouragement - please keep them going - much is still pending for next week - we will keep you posted of progress and results.
It is hot and bright - dirty and dusty - much traffic and waves of pollution - cows on the highway - all things familiar.  God is so good to us!  David y Nancy 
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Leave of Absence Policy

At our January 27, 2015 Board meeting, the Board approved the "Leave of Absence Policy".
A member can take three months off for a valid reason and if more time is needed he/she would have to apply for an extension by contacting the current president.  The leave would start from the date a written request is received. The written request should include the leave start day and end date if known, if not in the letter, the leave begins the date the written request is received. Dues would have to still have to be paid during the leave of absence period. If paying "Every Rotarian Every Year" dues, those payments will also be billed during your leave. This request does affect our numbers that we need to report to Rotary International so leaves should be requested only in extreme cases. 
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Our Great Committees!

West Bend Sunrise Rotarians are shining stars! Whether we are planning a 15K raffle fundraiser, putting lights in trees for Enchantment at Regner Park, raising funds in order to eradicate polio worldwide, fix a roof or put in a storm sewer in El Salvador and on and on, we have an amazing group of Rotarians who come forward and volunteer their time and talents in order to get these things done. Listed below please find just some of our great committees Rotarians volunteer to be part of. In addition, our whole club volunteers in some capacity for most of these events. Job well done Rotarians! You do make a difference in West Bend and around the world!


West Bend Sunrise Rotary Committees
New Event Committee Social Committee
Ginny Fish-Wagner Wendy Heather
Rick Vanderkin Matt Wierman
Steve Stanek Mary Thorn
Adam Hertel Teri Otis*
Jon Corbett  
John Knoll  
Kathleen Christenson Fisher  
Kara Guse  
Teresa Tighe  
Jacci Gambucci*  
15k Committee International Committee
Bob Johnson Steve Domres
Al Polachowski Graeme Reid
Patricia Fabian Bob Patten
Amy Grinna Nancy Slinde
Bev Sturgen Mary Seiser
Pat Seitz Mary Gumm
Wendy Heather Bev Sturgen*
Teri Otis  
Mary Gumm  
Candy Sarauer  
Chris Guse  
Bonnie Debroux  
Todd Vance*  
Speaker Committee Interact/Vocational Committee
Paul Wilke Joe Zaremba
Al Polachowski Adam Hertel
John Wagner Jon Corbett
Gary Britton Joyce Malloy
Mike Nowak* Nancy Slinde
  Dave Balders
  Lori Yahr - Enchantment Only
  Doug Fitzgerald
  Scott Tennies
  Steve Stanek*
Community Service PR/Membership Committee
Jeff Szukalski Joe Zaremba
Bob Johnson Mary Seiser
Jeff Potts John Backhaus
Jeff Lambie Mike Fleischman
Rick Vanderkin* Mike Phillips*
  Bonnie Debroux
  Kory Dogs
Funds Distribution  
John Wagner  
Tom Feldhusen  
George Verheyen*  
Bob Neja  
* Denotes Chair Person


If your name has been omitted from any of these committees please know it was not intentional.  If you would like to help on any of these committees, please see any member.  Your help is always appreciated! 

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Upcoming Speakers and Greeters

01/07/20Wierman, MattIn ServiceN/A - in service meeting 
01/14/20Held, KristinCorbett, JonTom Nebel - GiANT Worldwideutilizing the 5 gears
01/21/20Guse, ChrisDolf De CeusterJeff Potts - Executive Director, Historic West Bend TheatreUpdate on theatre construction and timeline
01/28/20Grinna, AmyDebroux, Bonnie  
02/04/20Gannon, BryceIn ServiceN/A - in service meeting 
02/11/20Gambucci, JacciDogs, Kory  
02/18/20Gabelmann, JulieDomres, Steve  
02/25/20Fleischman, MikeFeldhusen, Tom  
03/03/20Fitzgerald, DougIn ServiceN/A - in service meeting 
03/10/20Feldhusen, TomFleischman, MikeJaymee Harvey-Willms - Exec. Dir. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Washington County  
03/17/20Domres, SteveGabelmann, Julie  
03/24/20Dogs, KoryGambucci, Jacci  
03/31/20Debroux, BonnieGannon, Bryce  
04/07/20De Ceuster, DolfIn ServiceN/A - in service meeting 
04/14/20Corbett, JonGuse, Chris  
04/21/20Britton, GaryHeld, Kristin  
04/28/20Baldus, DavidJohnson, Bob  
05/05/20Backhaus, JohnIn ServiceN/A - in service meeting 
05/12/20Zaremba, JoeHeld, Kristin  
05/19/20Winget, JamesGuse, Chris  
05/26/20Wilke, PaulGrinna, Amy  
06/02/20Verheyen, GeorgeIn ServiceN/A - in service meeting 
06/09/20Vanderkin, RickGannon, Bryce  
06/16/20Tennies, ScottGambucci, Jacci  
06/23/20Tighe, TeresaGabelmann, Julie  
06/30/20** No meeting - Changing of the Guard! ** N/A - no meeting 
07/07/20Vance, ToddIn ServiceN/A - in service meeting
Upcoming Speakers and Greeters 0



Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

Rotary members believe that we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world’s most persistent issues. Our 35,000+ clubs work together to:

  • Promote peace
  • Fight disease
  • Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Save mothers and children
  • Support education
  • Grow local economies
We invite you to take a look around our site and learn more about our Club and about Rotary!
Mark Daniel Maloney - President, Rotary International
Steen Sanderhoff - District Governor, District 6270
Todd Vance - President, West Bend Sunrise Rotary
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