Rotary Members - If you are assigned to be a greeter or speaker host and cannot attend the meeting the day you are assigned, please arrange to switch with somebody and communicate the change so the schedule can be updated.
DateGreeterSpeaker HostSpeakerTopic
6/25No Meeting!   
6/27Changing of the Guard   
7/2Sacks, JonathanIn Service  
7/9Zaremba, JoeSeiser, Mary  
7/16Wilke, PaulJoyce MalloyMichael LeeHong Kong Rotarian
7/23Verheyen, GeorgeStanek, Steve  
7/30Vanderkin, RickN/AHOLD - Steen SanderhoffDistrict Governor Visit
8/6Tighe, TeresaIn Service  
8/13Tennies, ScottSturgeon, Bev  
8/20Szukalski, JeffGrinna, Amy  
8/27Sturgeon, BevTennies, Scott  
9/3Winget, JamesIn Service  
9/10Seiser, MaryTighe, Teresa  
9/17Schuett, CraigVanderkin, Rick  
9/24Travis RoellSlinde, NancyMarianne Boehme, Drummer Bill and WalnesHaiti water filter project
10/1Stanek, SteveIn Service  
10/8Polachowski, AlMartinelli, Clarissa  
10/15Slinde, NancyWilke, Paul  
10/22Phililps, MikeZaremba, Joe  
10/29Schoemann, JoshuaBackaus, John  
11/5Sarauer, CandyIn Service  
11/12Nowak, MikeBaldus, Dave  
11/19Neja, BobGannon, Bryce  
11/26Martinelli, ClarissaGeorge Verheyen  
12/3Malloy, JoyceWinget, James  
12/10Madl, JusticeAnich, Stacy  
12/17Lawrence, DanBritton, Gary  


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